Chamberlain Art

Chamberlain Art

Recapturing the Solitude and Antiquity of Rural America Original Art


Chuck's History

Charles H. Chamberlain

  • a native of New England, became interested in art and painting in his early thirties. Mr. Chamberlain found acrylics to be his prefferred meduium. Acrylics allow him to exact precise detail and create the vibrancy of color typical of the regions he recaptures.

    Intially Mr. Chamberlain's style was influenced by his new England contemporaries. His work demonstrates an attention to detail and drama. Mr. Chamberlain's viewers delight in his representations of weathered covered bridges, tired old farm wagons, forgotten Model A's, or textures of deteriorated rural barns. Mr. Chamberlain recaptures the solitude and antiquity of rural America and evokes a rememberance of a quality and pace of life, almost forgotten.

    Mr. Chamberlain earned recognition in New England, winning numberous awards. Recently Mr. Chamberlain retired from his profession of guidance counselor and moved to Arizona in pursuit of new artistic challenges. Today chuck resides in Bend, Oregon and his art reflects both an attention to detail, as well as the light and color typical of the north and southwest.